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C Type Liquid Dye-Wood Stains Application

Wood Stain Processing:
(1) Paint preparative: MH dyes 1-10%, Solvent 30%-40%, Resin 40-60%, Additive 0-5%
(2) Primer coating treatment
(3) Cilia treatment: after primer coating paint is dry, using sand paper for milling to level off the surface.
(4) Primer coating treatment: incese the thickness of paint coating.
(5) Rubbing: after paint is dry, using sand paper (#200-400) for rubbing to be become smoothness.
(6) Surface coating treatment: surface paint must be transparent and viscosity a little lower than primer.
(7) Dry: put object at dark, dry and ventilated place, dried naturally.

L Type Liquid Dye-Leather Finishes Application
Product Brief:

In liquid form, this type can be thoroughly mixed and solved in water or oil, and well meets environmental protection requirements.
Application: Leather dyeing and spray coloring.
Usage Reference:

(1)diluted directly with water in whatever needed proportion, then mix with added water-base resins, casein, auxiliary etc., then it's ready for spray coloring;
(2)diluted directly with water at whatever needed proportion, add water-base cross link agent, and put the leather into the liquid dyes, then heat and mix & stir for a certain period of time, finally take out the leather for rinsing and drying.


The application information contained herein is based on the present state of our knowledge, because we are not able to control certain conditions of our customers' final application, therefore do not take responsibility for it.

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