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Color matching processing:   Blending color processing:
(1)Provide color shade code (PANTON code, RAL code etc.) or samples
(2)Detect color database
(3)Confirm formulation
(4)Blending materials

In case of, you request color matching service, please download "Color Matching Request Form"
  (1)Provide Plastone Item/Code (Please refer to the label of last delivery packaging)
(2)Blending materials
(3)Comparison testing with standard (first delivery)

In case of, you request color blending service, please download "Blending Color Order Form"
We'd like to suggest that making well records on our Plastone item/code of each delivery, in order that we may offer you much more efficient service in next delivery.
For helping us to improve our service continuously, please download "Customer Survey" and return completed form according to the industry application you concerned, so that we may send our updated products/service information timely, thanks in advance.
1, "Color Matching Request Form"  Word
2, "Blending Color Order Form"  Word
3, "Customer Survey"  Word
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